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Anshika Agarwal

Aug 1, 2019
“Never say that ‘I am not going to do that’ because most of the parts of life doesn’t go as you have planned. Why am I saying that? Because I have been there. During my third year many people asked me what am I planning to do further and I used to simply say that ‘I am not going to do master’s’ but as said earlier it doesn’t works that way, right now I am studying at one of the most prominent college of South India and pursuing my master’s degree in psychology.
I went for a casual interview with no intention of getting an admission but apparently I was so good at that interview that I got admission. Definitely credits for this goes to SPTMC and my professors for imparting such knowledge to us and believing in me.
So, basically we all have some plans for our lives but if they doesn’t workout that way so don’t be disappointed because destiny has much better for you which you are going to love just like me.
This college has given me lots of fun memories and lessons which will stay with me forever and might help me in future with hardships.”
Anshika Agarwal