The 21st century is indeed an era of Knowledge. Human wisdom and knowledge has become transnational and is being transferred globally in an unprecedented way by dint of amazing process of science and technology. The world has almost become a ‘Global Village’. Human mind is being explored and exploited to its fullest in the domains of knowledge and learning world over. When India is going to be a global leader and a torch-bearer to the world in days to come, it is expected that every citizen of India is able to take initiatives on his own and is aptly equipped with rich and noble values of our glorious cultural and historical heritage.


This global image of Gujarat follows our practices in science, technology, research, education, trade and commerce, proper administration and our traditions. In the light of this scenario that the Higher Education of State emphasizes new policies and action plans to infuse and instill within the youth of Gujarat the spirit of global competition and to encourage them to display their talents to meet challenges of the newer changing order of the world.


Swarnim Gujarat Mission for Excellence coincides with Gujarat celebrating its 50th years since the establishment of the state. The Government plans to launch Swarnim Gujarat Mission for Excellence to celebrate this milestone. By 2010, the State proposes to induce renewed spirit and to introduce newer action plans encompassing all walks of life for the betterment of the society.


Under the auspices of Mission for Excellence,Our college has a focus on focus various areas of education, art and knowledge for the manifold progress of the youth. These areas of focus are known as Band/Cluster/Spectrum/Continuum/Symphony of Activities


  • Knowledge Band (Gyan Dhara)
  • Creative Expression Band (Sarjanatmak Abhivyakti Dhara)
  • Fine Arts Band (Rang, Kala, Kaushalya Dhara)
  • Theatre Band (Natya Dhara)
  • Music and Dance Band (Geet, Sangeet, Nrutya Dhara)
  • Yoga and Sports Band (Vyayam, Yog, Khel-kud Dhara)
  • Community/Social Service Band (Samudaya Seva Dhara)

Knowledge Band Gyan Dhara

The colleges  celebrates  Swami Vivekanand Jayanti on the 12th January as the ‘Yuva Jayanti and Gyan Jayanti’. On this day, teachers and students share their knowledge and experience of various spheres of learning. College organizes  ‘Gyanotsav: Knowledge Forum’ wherein students participate in debate, elocution and essay competitions. Participants are encouraged with felicitation by the college. More than organizing competitions, college encourages students to express and exhibit ideas, views and independent thinking in the process of their personality development.

Creative Expression Band (Sarjanatmak Abhivyakti Dhara):

Under this cluster, skills for elocution, debate, creative writing and translation are  inculcated into the students. Elocution or debate is not merely a matter of fluency or oratory. It actually means the pursuit of truth and is practiced to express truth. The search for truth yields qualities of patience, courage and strength. Resultant effect is the real skill of elocution or debate.

Fine Arts Band (Rang, Kala, Kaushalya Dhara):

This cluster aims at inspiring students to explore their faculty of imagination in the pursuit of absolute beauty through colours and shapes. Imagination and creativity in Fine Arts will enable the students explore further the horizons of cosmos and qualities of the soul. Their creations in Fine Arts will thus be external manifestations of the inner self. Under this cluster, activities in Fine Arts painting are conducted . At its best, we  attempt to create conducive atmosphere where basic skills in Fine Arts, apart from the qualities associated with artistic expressions, will be of much use for students as far as their employability and self-sufficiency are concerned.

Theatre Band (Natya Dhara):

Theatrical activities are organized under this cluster to expose the students to the intricacies of the theatre as a form of art and ultimately lead them to the path of knowledge of inner-consciousness. The scripts for enactment are  based on Sanskrit plays, standard translations of great plays from other languages of the world and scripts that heighten the level of consciousness of the students in order to inspire students to higher goals in life.

Music and Dance Band (Geet, Sangeet, Nrutya Dhara):

Under this cluster,  fundamental values and practices of Music, Arts and Poetry are included  through which one can attain the Knowledge of Soul. Among the three, Music is doubtlessly predominant. However, the modern youth of India need to know the origin, history, development and meaning of music in India as well as the world over. The main objective of this cluster is that of making students understand the innate and deeper meaning of music and enabling them to enjoy the spirit and sense of music from the depth of heart.


Talent Hunt Programmes are  aimed at bringing out inner talent of students. We arrange musical events for three to four days and provide platform to students as well as teachers to express their talent so as to consolidate our faith in cultural values and to experience the richness of cultural and historical heritage of India.

Yoga and Sports Band (Vyayam, Yog, Khel-kud Dhara):

It is compulsory for the teachers and students to take part in the activities under this group. All the teachers and students  belong to this cluster.


Yoga is the best medium to experience the characteristics of the Sthitapragya or the one who has steadfast intellect as expressed in Indian culture. This cluster aims at imparting upon the students true knowledge of physical education as it is distinctly related with the mental and spiritual processes. The prayer, too, has high significance for our inner development.

The Indian tradition of Yoga is hailed and defined in many scriptures as:

  • Yog: Chit Vruti Nirodh
  • Yog: Karamasu Kaushalam
  • Yog: Samatvam Uchchatey
  • Yog: Sarvam Jivnam Aev

Community/Social Service Band (Samudaya Seva Dhara):

Having its majority of people living in villages, it is necessary for a country like India to make her students aware of the realities of rural India. Rural development is the right parameter of our progress. Eradication of rural problems has been our priority. We  aim at maximizing students’ participation in activities under this cluster.

Following activities/efforts are taken up:

  • Adoption of village to give Students  firsthand experience of the life in villages.
  •  visit to villages and schools and colleges with to spread awareness

Moreover, efforts have to be directed upon inculcating philosophy of nationalism and understanding of internationalism among students. Schemes like adoption of a plant, a village and environmental awareness are special focus  of this cluster.

More on Saptadhara

Departmental Activities


Arts Faculty

Hindi Department

July 4, 2013OrientationGyan Dhara
July 11, 2013Poetry and Novel WritingSarjnatmak Dhara
July 17, 2013Folk SongGeet Sangeet Dhara
August 1, 2013Patriotic SongGeet Sangeet Dhara
August 7, 2013Essay WritingGyan Dhara
August 12, 2013Poetry RecitationGyan Dhara
September 12, 2013
September 13, 2013
September 14, 2013
Hindi Day CelebrationGyan Dhara
31-09-2013Book ReviewGyan Dhara
10-2013Visit to Agan VadiSeva Samuday Dhara
December 5, 2013Inter-departmental Elocution Competition Gyan Dhara
December 12, 2013Literature Question-Answer - Discussion on Famous Authors in Hindi Literature Gyan Dhara
January 2, 2014Lecture – “Modern Literature” (Premchand,Prasad)Gyan Dhara
February 6, 2014DramaNatya Dhara


8.12.2014Students of F.Y. and S.Y.BA rendered their services to the differently abled children during Khel Mahakumbh.Seva Samuday Dhara
January 12, 2014To examine the vocabulary of the students “Word Building Games” was conducted.Gyan Dhara
February 5, 2014Nidhi Parmar the students of S.Y.BA gave a lecture on “Techniques of Drama” to F.Y. and S.Y.BA students. Gyan Dhara
Natya Dhara
February 6, 2014
February 7, 2014
To develop the habit of reading amongst the students “Acquaintance with books” was organized. They referred to various books besides the syllabus.Gyan Dhara
----Students of F.Y.BA went to Angan Vadi for the community service.Seva Samuday Dhara


July 20, 2013
The movies “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest” and “A Beautiful Mind” were shown to the students.Gyan Dhara
October 19, 2013Workshop on “Introduction to Cognitive Behavior Therapy” by Dr. Shishir Palsapure, M.D M.Sc (Psy), Resource person from Albert Ellis Institute, U.S.A.Gyan Dhara
December 7, 2013 Lecture on “Ethics and Scope of Psychological Assessment” by Dr. Murtuza Railwaywala.Gyan Dhara
January 15, 2014A Debate on “Punishment: Boon or Bane”Gyan Dhara
January 24, 2014A visit to “Parivartan De-addiction and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre” by the students of Psychology.Seva Samuday Dhara
February 5, 2014Quiz on “General Knowledge in Psychology”Gyan Dhara
February 7, 2014Workshop on “Tools of Psychological Assessment” by Dr. Murtuza Railwaywala.Gyan Dhara
February 28, 2014Seminar on “ Scope of Psychology and Further Studies”Gyan Dhara


July 5, 2013Celebration of University Foundation day – Movie DorGyan Dhara
July 9, 2013Drama on Misleading Advertisement by TYBsc students-main aim to focus how advertisement misleads the consumers.Gyan Dhara
RangKala Kaushalya Dhara
July 15, 2013Book Review
1st Prize- Harigna Patel
2nd Prize- Esha Patel & Anjali Gonawala
3rd Prize- Kailash Pandav
Gyan Dhara
January 1, 1970 1 st Prize- Harigna Patel
July 29, 2013Visit to Savan Mela- to gain knowledge of various Art & crafts productsSarjnatmak Dhara
Gyan Dhara
August 3, 2013 to August 10, 2013Volunteer’s Training Programme by Kaivalya Education Foundation ProgrammeGyan Dhara
Samuday Seva Dhara
August 17, 2013Attended a Workshop on Story TellingSarjnatmak Dhara
Gyan Dhara
Rangkala kaushalya dhara
September 11, 2013Run For Nation- Rally by Vivekanand Kendra, SuratGyan Dhara
Samuday Seva Dhara
September 11, 2013Visit to Silk Fab- to gain knowledge of Traditional Textiles from various states of IndiaGyan Dhara
September 16, 2013Work-shop On Entrepreneurship by CEDGyan Dhara
October 15, 2013An Educational Trip to the well recognized Krushi University –Bakery Unit .
The main aim to learn various bakery products & how to run one’s own bakery unit.
Gyan Dhara
December 17, 2013Peer Group Training: The alumni arranged a “Peer group training”, for the second year students of the Department. The students gave training and shared their experience too, on the Housekeeping department.Gyan Dhara
December 17, 2013Workshop on Art & Craft Gyan Dhara
December 18, 2013A two day workshop was organized where students of T.Y.B.Sc learnt to make wall hangings & OHP Rangoli.Sarjnatmak Dhara
December 21, 2013
December 22, 2013
Nurture women’s entrepreneurship – “Shakti-2013” – Organised by Lions ClubGyan Dhara
Sarjnatmak Dhara
January 28, 2014Peer Group Training – Needle WorkGyan Dhara
Sarjnatmak Dhara
February 8, 2014 & February 11, 2014First Aid Demonstration: The 2 nd year students were given training on “First Aid”, in the Nursing College, by their teachers. The students were given practical training on topics such as; Fractures, hemorrhages, burns, scalds, accidents and many more.Gyan Dhara
Lecture cum demonstration series
February 7, 2014Grooming
Mrs Dinal zaveri gave theoretical and practical lessons to the students on various hairdo’s, hygiene and beauty tips and various other grooming techniques.
Gyan Dhara
Sarjnatmak Dhara
February 8, 2014Marketing Management – Marketing Strategies & Selling PlansGyan Dhara
February 22, 2014Craft Work - Students of T.Y.B.Sc learnt to make multiple kits for home decorationGyan Dhara Sarjanatmak dhara
February 26, 2014Paper Craft- Students of T.Y.B.Sc learnt to make various flowers for home decorationGyan Dhara
Sarjanatmak dhara
March 21, 2013Lecture on Books of Accounts Gyan Dhara
February 11, 2014Visit to Handi Craft Exhibition-to gain knowledge regarding various handi products available in the market.Gyan Dhara
Sarjnatmak Dhara
February 18, 2014Visit to Lord’s Plazza Hotel –The students were briefed about the different departments of a hotel & demonstrated various housekeeping procedures.Gyan Dhara
February 20, 2014Visit to Jute Mela- to gain knowledge of various jute products from various states of IndiaGyan Dhara
Sarjnatmak Dhara
February 28, 2014Visit to Tapti Utsav- to gain knowledge of Traditional ,contemporary & modern art Craft from various states of IndiaGyan Dhara
Sarjnatmak Dhara
March 13, 2014 & March 15, 2014World Consumer Day Celebration – Poster & Quiz Competitions were held in the college. Entries were taken from college. The competition was a grand success. There were total 60 entries. It was judged by:
a) Smt. Purnima Pancholi
b) Smt. Anuradha Shah
c) Smt. Khyati Mehta
Winners :
Poster Competition
1st Prize- Trivedi Toral & Maniyar Fatima
2nd Prize- Avaiya Aaradhana
3rd Prize- Waghela Reema & Parmar Pratima
Quiz Competition
1st Prize- Ailyani Divya
2nd Prize- Lodaliya Urvashi
3rd Prize- Lacewala Zainab
Gyan Dhara
Sarjnatmak Dhara
Seva Samuday Dhara
March 18, 2014
March 19, 2014
Handi Art Gallery Exhibition-Gyan Dhara, Rangkala kaushalya dhara, sarjanatmak dhara Seva Samudhay Dhara
March 20, 2014Students attended a one day workshop on,“Building awareness among women consultants in India”. North India Technical Consultancy Organization Ltd (NITCON), on behalf of Consultancy Development Centre (CDC), New Delhi, conducted it.Gyan Dhara
March 28, 2014Students attended vendor development programme on NSIC schemes for women Entrepreneurs at SGCCI, Surat.Gyan Dhara



---Story Telling WorkshopGyan Dhara
Sarjnatmak Dhara
Prenatal DevelopmentGyan Dhara
Workshop on Counseling for StressGyan Dhara
A Special Visit By Montessori And Anganwadi WorkersSeva Samuday Dhara
A Ten Day Intensive Training And Implementation Of Evaluation Of Primary Schools Of Nagar Pratmik Shikshan SanghGyan Dhara
Seva Samuday Dhara
Visit to Kevlaya TrustGyan Dhara
Workshop on Script WritingGyan Dhara
Pre-School Activities
Independence DayGyan Dhara
Sarjnatmak Dhara
Janamasthmi CelebrationGyan Dhara
Sarjnatmak Dhara
Field Visit To Narmad LibraryGyan Dhara
Health CheckSeva Samuday Dhara
Garba CelebrationGyan Dhara
Sarjnatmak Dhara
Diwali CelebrationGyan Dhara
Sarjnatmak Dhara
Christmas CelebrationGyan Dhara
Sarjnatmak Dhara


August 1, 2013 To August 7, 2013Breast Feeding Promotion WeekGyan Dhara
Seva Samuday Dhara
September 1, 2013 To September 7, 2013National Nutrition Week CelebrationGyan Dhara
Visit To SMC Food And Drug LabGyan Dhara


June 14, 2013 to June 19, 2013Know your Books Under this activity T.Y.B.Sc students spent these days in the Library to be exposed to all books and magazines of their subjects so as to be helpful in references throughout the year.Gyan Dhar
July 12, 2013 to July 13, 2013Fabric Ornamentation Workshop A two-day workshop was organized where students of S.Y.B.Sc learnt to make Ornaments, purse, fabric, painting and OHP Rangoli.Sarjnatmak Dhara
Rang Kala Kaushalya Dhara
August 18, 2013Students participated in Designer Competition at Surat level. The following students were selected for the 2nd round of competition :-
1) Ankita Bhandari
2) Bhumika Retiwala
Sarjnatmak Dhara
September 13, 2013Students visited ‘Silk Fab’ – to gain knowledge of Traditional Textiles from various states of India.Gyan Dhara
December 9, 2013Students visited “Fibre to Fashion” Exhibition at Sarsana, Surat.Gyan Dhara
January 23, 2014Saree Draping Competition for S.Y. & T.Y.B.Sc Apparel Design Students was organized.Sarjnatmak Dhara
February 24, 2013Garment designing competition for T.Y.B.Sc students was organized.Sarjnatmak Dhara
March 15, 2014A lecture by Internationally renowned Designer Ms. Bina Rao was organized. Gyan Dhara
March 29, 2014“Orientation for further studies and prospects” was given to T.Y.B.Sc Apparel Design students.Gyan Dhara


July 16, 2013Career CounselingGyan Dhara
July 19, 2013Visit to the The Grand BhagwatiGyan Dhara
July 25, 2013 To July 27, 2013Workshop on Grooming A workshop on Grooming was organized for the Third year students of Hospitality Management. Mrs Pualomi Vyas (leading beautician), gave theoretical and practical lessons to the students on Saree-Draping, various hair-do’s, hygiene and beauty tips and various other grooming tips.Gyan Dhara
August 1, 2013 To August 10, 2013Training at TGB
Ten day training was organized for the TY. Bsc students. The training was imparted on Food and Beverage services and the trainees were,
a) Mr. Rohit Khanna.
b) Mr. Amit Chakroborty.
Gyan Dhara
August 14, 2013Miss Chef Competition
A recipe competition was held in the college. Entries were taken from our college as well as the Vanita Vishram Commerce college. The competition was a grand success. There were total 50 entries. It was judged by:
a) Dr. Khushman Dholawala.
b) Smt. Minakshi Tripathi.
c) Chef Jonas Rosario.
Sarjanatmak Dhara
December 20, 2013 To December 23, 2013Textile Expo 2013-Surat The SY students of HM department participated in the Textile Expo 2013-Surat, held at Vanita Vishram ground. This was the biggest textile machinery show on Surat soil ever organized. More than 150 local, national and International exhibitors displayed their latest machinery and technology in this event. The students participated very enthusiastically.Seva Samuday Dhara
January 15, 2014Auro’s Ad-e-sartaj competition in Auro University The students of the department participated in the Advertisement making competition organized by Auro University, Surat. There were two teams from the department. Both the teams cleared the first and second round. The experience was very thrilling for the students. They got good exposure too.Sarjanatmak Dhara
January 25, 2014Peer Group Training The Third Year students arranged a “Peer group training”, for the second year students of the Department. The students gave training and shared their experiences too, on the various departments of a Hotel: Food and Beverage department, Front Office, Banquet and Sales and Housekeeping.Gyan Dhara
February 8, 2014Training On First Aid The Third year students were given training on “First Aid”, in the Nursing College, by their teachers. The students were given hands on training on topics such as; Fractures, hemorrhages, burns, scalds, accidents and many more.Gyan Dhara
February 24, 2014 to March 1, 2014Educational Tour to Jaisalmer An educational tour to one of the most exquisite cities of Rajasthan i.e. Jaisalmer was organized. The experience was very thrilling and one of its kind. The main attractions were Bada- Bagh, Jaisalmer’s Golden Fort, Patwa And Nathmal Haveli, Fossil park in Akal, Kuldhara, Sam’s Sand Dunes and of course Ratnavalli Camp where we spent one memorable night, in tents.Gyan Dhara
March 8, 2014Womens’ Day Celebration
The whole world celebrates International Women’s Day on 8th of March every year. The celebration is in respect, appreciation and love towards women for their economic, political and social achievements. The theme for this year’s womens’ day was “Inspiring Change”.
The students of the department attended the Women’s Day celebration, which was held by Vanita Vishram Women’s College of Commerce in the PTC Hall. There was a demonstration of Self defense techniques, an initiative taken by the Dy. Commissioner of Police, Surat.
Gyan Dhara
March 14, 2014Salad decoration Competition
Salad decoration competition was organized for the department of Hospitality Management of our college. SY & TY students participated very enthusiastically. They made various salads. There was a demonstration too, on salad preparation by Chef Shashikant Rathod from The Grand Bhagwati Hotel, Surat. He demonstrated three salads which were:
1) Orange Waldrof Salad
2) Tossed Salad with Italian Dressing
3) Pasta Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing.
The winners were Rashi Jain from S.Y and Maitri Jhariwala from T.Y.
Sarjanatmak Dhara
March 20, 2014Students attended a one day workshop on,“Building awareness among women consultants in India”. North India Technical Consultancy Organization Ltd (NITCON), on behalf of Consultancy Development Centre (CDC), New Delhi, conducted it.Gyan Dhara

Arts Faculty

ગુજરાતી વિભાગ

તારીખ પ્રવૃત્તિધારા
૩૧-૦૭-૨૦૧૫“ ગુરુપૂર્ણિમાની ઉજવણી ” આ દિવસે ગુરુઓનું સન્માન કરવામાં આવ્યું હતું . ત્યારબાદ “ ગુરુ બ્રહ્મા ” નાટક બતાવવામાં આવ્યું હતું .જ્ઞાનધારા
૧૩-૦૮-૨૦૧૫“ આંગણવાડીની મુલાકાત ” ૧૫ મી ઓગસ્ટ ઉજવણી નિમિતે “ પનાસ ખાતે ” નીચેની વિદ્યાર્થીઓએ મુલાકાત લીધી હતી .
- શુક્લ શિવાંગી
- શાહ મીતાલી
-   દેસલે દિપીકા
-   ભગત હેતાલી
ત્યાં જઈને બાળકોને રાષ્ટ્રગીત , બાળગીત , ફુગ્ગા , ચોકલેટો , ધ્વજ વગેરે વસ્તુ આપીને ખુશ કર્યા અને બાળકોને ફળોની ઓળખ કરાવી .

સેવાસમુદાય ધારા
૨૦-૦૮-૨૦૧૫“ પુસ્તકપરિચય કાર્યકમ ” દર વર્ષેની જેમ આ વર્ષે પણ લાઇબ્રેરી વિભાગ તરફથી પુસ્તક પરિચયનું આયોજન થયું જેમાં ગુજરાતી વિભાગની વિદ્યાર્થીઓ ભાગ લીધો હતો . જેમાં
-  ગોસ્વામી વિગીષા પુસ્તક ( ડોલર વહુ )
- રાજપૂત તબ્બુ પુસ્તક ( નાગવંશ )
- હળપતિ રૂપલપુસ્તક ( ઝેર તો પીધા જાણી )
આપવામાં આવ્યાં હતાં
૨૪-૦૮-૨૦૧૫“ નર્મદજયંતી ” ની ઉજવણી ૧૮૨ મી નર્મદ જયંતિ નિમિતે નિબંધ સ્પર્ધાનું આયોજન કરવામાં આવ્યું હતું અને તેમાં ૧ , ૨ , ૩ નંબર આપવામાં આવ્યા હતાંજ્ઞાનધારા
૨૩-૦૯-૨૦૧૫સેમિનાર . આ સેમિનારમાં ડૉ . વિજયશાસ્ત્રીએ પોતાનું પુસ્તક “ આવાગમન ” ની માહિતી આપી વિદ્યાથીઓને માહિતગાર કર્યા હતા .જ્ઞાનધારા
૨૦-૦૨-૨૦૧૬માતૃભાષા દિવસ
માતૃભાષા દિવસની ઉજવણી નિમિતે પોસ્ટર સ્પર્ધાનું આયોજન કરવામાં આવ્યું હતું જેમાં ૧૭ જેટલી વિધાથીઓએ ભાગ લીધો હતો.
પ્રથમ નંબરે :નવાડિયા ઋતુ
માંગુકિયા રાજલ
બગડિયા સાક્ષી
જેઠવા શ્રદ્ધા
દ્રિતીય નંબરે : રાજપૂત તબ્બુ
તૃતીય ક્રમે : પાટીલ પ્રતીક્ષા
ભગત હેતાલી
શાહ શીખા
પરમાર ચૈતાલી
પલનાતી દિવ્યા

૨૦-૦૨-૨૦૧૬સેમિનાર. આ સેમિનારમાં ડૉ. કવિતભાઈ પંડ્યાને “પટકથા કેવી રીતે તૈયાર કરવી?” પટકથા એટલે શું, પટકથા લેખકની સજ્જતા તેની મૌલિકતા વિષે વિદ્યાર્થીઓને માર્ગદર્શન કર્યું હતું.જ્ઞાનધારા
૨૦-૦૨-૨૦૧૬ગુજરાતીમાં ‘સાચી જોડણી” સ્પર્ધાનું આયોજન કર્યું હતું, જેમાં ૩૮ જેટલા સ્પર્ધકોએ ભાગ લીધો હતો.
પ્રથમ : મુંબઈવાલા વૈભવી
હળપતિ રૂપલ
દ્રિતીય : પટેલ યેશા
તૃતીય : ભગત હેતાલી
દીપમાલા વિશ્વકર્મા

Hindi Department

August 14, 2015The Students of F.Y.B.A visited the Anganwadi at Panasgam. Seva Samuday Dhara
September 14, 2016Essay Competition was held. The winners were:
1.        Bhati Shahin – S.Y.B.A – 1 st Prize
2.        Chimnani Twinkle – S.Y.B.A – 2 nd Prize
3.        Gupta Binita – S.Y.B.A – 3 rd Prize
Sarjanatmak Dhara
September 15, 2015Book Review:
1.        Jha Chetna – T.Y.B.A – 1 st Prize
2.        Chimnani Twinkle – S.Y.B.A – 2 nd Prize
3.        Parmar Usha – S.Y.B.A – 3 rd Prize
Gyan Dhara
September 16, 2015A Competition on Novel Reading was conducted for the students of the Hindi Department.Gyan Dhara


August 29, 2015A workshop was organized on Graphology for F.Y, S.Y, and T.Y.B.A students.GyanDhara
September 14, 2015Organized a Spell Bee competition by the Students of S.Y.B.A, ZalaMeghna, Pooja Sharma and Shah Radha. Students of S.Y.B.A and T.Y.B.A enthusiastically participated. The winners were :
1)        IyengerHarini – S.Y.B.A
2)        VarmaAashna – T.Y.B.A
Semester I & IIShowed the following movies based on the novels / dramas to the students of S.Y.B.A and T.Y.B.A and followed with discussion:
Charlie and the chocolate factory – S.Y.B.A
Animal Farm- T.Y.B.A
Romeo and Juliet-T.Y.B.A
As you Like it- T.Y.B.A
Farewell to Arms-T.Y.B.A
The Great Gatsby-T.Y.B.A
January 30, 2016Visit to Book fair.GyanDhara
February 10, 2016Story WritingSarjanatmakDhara
March 3, 2016Delivered a lecture on “Teaching as a noble profession” by Mrs. Khushman Vaid.GyanDhara
March 19, 2016Poetry Slam – Organized for interested students from the college. The Slam witnessed excellent writing and oratory skills. The winners were:
1. Pooja Sharma (SYBA) and Sakina Thanwala (TYBA)
2. Siddhi Shah (TYBA)
3. Meghna Zala (SYBA)


December 28, 2015Collected and Distributed warm clothes and blankets to the poor and the underprivileged section of our city.SevaSamudayDhara
December 30, 2015Visit to Old Age Home – Vruddashram, ShriAmbikaNiketan Trust.SevaSamudayDhara
February 11, 2016 ToFebruary 12, 20161.        Psychology Fest – Psychological Games and Assessment.
2.        Seminar on “Emotional Regulation for Adolescence” by Dr.Dipti Joshi
3.        Seminar on “The Magic of minds – The role of the student in the world of mental health”
February 26, 2016Workshop on “Rational Living – Managing Anger and Procrastination” by Mr.RohanPande, Founder & Director of “Rationally Yours”, Pune.GyanDhara
April 2, 2016Visit to an Autism Awareness Programme, on the occasion of “World Autism Awareness Day” Organized by the JeevanAastha Helpline in association with Surat Rural Police and Vandrevala Foundation.GyanDhara
April 2, 2016 To April 3, 2016Workshop on Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Level I by Dr.Dipti JoshiGyanDhara

Home Science Faculty


June 21, 2015Visit to Exhibition on Silk and Cotton Fab of India
July 20, 2015 to July 25, 2015Organized a Training Programme on Cooperative Education for Youth-Women by Surat District co-operative Limited and Sheth P. T. Mahila College of Arts & Home Science, Surat
July 21, 2015Celebration of International Yoga day at MTB Campus, Athwagate, Surat.
July 23, 2015Workshop on Art & Craft
August 6, 2015Book Review
Winners :
1) RamoliyaDhruti
2) Patel Shruti
3) Bhavasar Krishna
4) SavaliyaBhavika
August 6, 2015School Visited our college
August 8, 2015Femicon-2015
August 11, 2015Organized training on Terrace Gardening by KVK, Surat, NavsariKrushi University.
August 13, 2015Lecture on Career Counseling
August 14, 2015Women Empowerment fortnight programme.
August 20, 2015B.A. and B.Sc. students participated in Vivekananda Exam
August 25, 2015Udisha Club- School Visit and Lecture on Career Counseling
September 1, 2015Lecture cum demonstration on ecosystem by Nature Club, Surat.
September 8, 2015 To September 13, 2015 Exhibition by VanitaVishram, Surat
September 16, 2015Celebrated World Ozone Day.
October 4, 2015Yuva forum-21 st Century & Youth organized by Vivekanand Kendra, VNSGU Campus, Surat.
October 8, 2015Lecture on entrepreneurship “How to Start Business?” By Ms. Khyati Mehta.
November 22, 2015College Promotional activities organized by Muslim Trust at Ghod-Dod Road, Rander and Unn.
November 28, 2015Celebration of Republic Day at Mamta Special School, Athwa lines, Surat
January 28, 2016 to February 1, 2016Participated in various competition organized by SMC.
February 13, 2016Visited to Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Mumbai.
February 15, 2016Lecture on Impact of Human Activities on environment.
February 18, 2016
February 19, 2016
February 20, 2016Fashion Show Event.
February 22, 2016 to February 29, 2016Kaivalya Education Trust, Surat Chapter.
March 15, 2016Celebration of World Consumer Day.


February 18, 2016
February 19, 2016
Organized "Bal-Mela" for preschool children.
February 26, 2016Organised workshop collaboration with rational living cell on “Procrastination &Anger management”.


SYBSc students took part in FOODTECH ASIA 2015, they distribute college brochures’.
September 8, 2015Celebration of National Nutrition Week:
S.P.T.M.C in collaboration with Surat Nutrition Club, IDA – Gujarat Chapter organized Recipe Competition, Debate Competition and Article Writing Competition Sponsored by Saffola.
A CNE on “Whole Grain” was also organized sponsored by Saffola.
January 20, 2016 to January 22, 2016F.Y.B.Sc students participated in National budding Chef competition, at AURO University.
January 23, 2016S.Y.B.Sc students attended seminar at M. S.University, Vadodara. Topic of seminar was “Nutrition Awareness Program 2016”.
Peer training at various colleges in Surat on Importance of Breast feeding .
September, 2016Nutrition week Celebration in Various competition Recipe competition, debate competition and lecture were held on “Blend Oil Versus Single seed oil”.


July 19, 2015 to July 21, 2015Three day Workshop on Accessory Designing, Fabric Painting and Glass painting was organized for T.Y.B.Sc students by Pidilite Industries. Eight students were selected as Art and Craft Teachers.
August 22, 2015Visited Silk Fab at AgrasenBhavan where the students witnessed Textiles of Various states of India.
September 7, 2015 to September 13, 2015Participated in Exhibition cum sale organized by VanitaVishramSurat. Students made various articles and dresses for the sale.
January 30, 2016OrganizedaSeminaron SilkMark for all the Apparel Design Students in Collaboration with Mumbai Chapter Of Silk Mark Organization Of India. The Speaker For the event was Mr. V .Ramesh &Mr. GovindaChari.
February 5, 2016F.Y.B.Sc (AD&HM) students participated in SWAYAM SIDDHA Fashion Show Organized By VanitaVishram. Our Student Jyoti Jangir bagged the First Prize.
February 27, 2016Visited TapiUtsav. The Students learnt how to make Paintings with Paper Mache,Natural Dyes etc. It was very beneficial to the students as they got to know how to make natural Dyes.


June 20, 2015Visit to JilaSevaSadan.
June 21, 2015International Yoga Day.
July 14, 2015Seminar on Communication Skill.
July 15, 2015Hospitality Management Lab Cleaning.
August 7, 2015Demonstration on First Aid.
August 8, 2015Femicon at VNSGU Convention Hall.
August 19, 2015Flower Arrangement.
August 20, 2015Intercollegiate Tournament.
August 29, 2015Youth Festival at Juhu, Mumbai.
September 5, 2015Guru Purnima Day Celebrations.
September 15, 2015A session on Yoga was conducted in the college central Hall , where the students of T.Y. participated.
October 2, 2015Slogan Competition.
October 16, 2015Navratri Celebration.
November 7, 2015Research on Various topics.
January 4, 2016 to January 9, 2016Day Celebrations.
January 8, 2016Peer Group Training.
January 12, 2016Seminar on “Life changing motivational”.
January 13, 2016Kite Flying Event.
January 20, 2016Annual Sports Day.
January 23, 2016Khelmahakumbh at Udhna.
January 29, 2016Khelmahakumbh at Jahangirpura.
January 31, 201613 th National Horiculture, Herbal Fair & Book Show.
February 5, 2016Fashion Show.

Arts Faculty

ગુજરાતી વિભાગ

તારીખ પ્રવૃત્તિધારા
July 31, 2016ગુરુપૂર્ણિમા દિવસ ની ઉજવણીજ્ઞાનધારા
August 3, 2015“પુસ્તકપરિચય કાર્યકમ” સ્પર્ધાનુઆયોજન થયું જેમાં ગુજરાતી વિભાગની વિદ્યાર્થીઓ ભાગ લીધો હતો. જેમાં નીચેની વિદ્યાર્થીનીઓ વિજેતા બની
- હળપતિ રૂપલ
- રાજપૂત તબ્બુ
- તન્ના ઉન્નતિ
August 19, 2016કમ્પ્યુટર અને ભાષા શિક્ષણ – વ્યાખ્યાનજ્ઞાન ધારા
August 24, 2016૧૮૩ “ નર્મદજયંતી ” ની ઉજવણી જ્ઞાનધારા
“માતૃભાષા દિવસની ઉજવણી”
“માતૃભાષા નો અભાવ અને અંગ્રેજી નો પ્રભાવ” વિષય સમૂહ ચર્ચા ની સ્પર્ધા
“સ્ત્રી-શિક્ષણ &સ્ત્રી સશક્તિકરણ” ઉપર સૂત્ર સ્પર્ધા
રેલી નું આયોજન

Hindi Department

August 11, 2016देशभक्ति गीत स्पर्धा
१. तिवारी प्राची
२. भगत तेजस्विनी
३. परमार उषा
संगीत धारा
September 14, 2016पुस्तक परिचय स्पर्धा - विजेताए
१. उमरवेश नम्रता
२. परमार उषा
३. पात्रा अश्विनी
४. चिमनानी ट्विंकल
ज्ञान धारा
September 16, 2016साहित्यिक परिचयस्पर्धा
१. परमार उषा
२. शेख सादिया
३. मोरिया खुशबु
ज्ञान धारा
September 19, 2016काव्य पठनस्पर्धा
१. तिवारी प्राची
२. मौर्य खुशबु
३. पटेल विधि
४. पोरिया राजेश्री
ज्ञान धारा


June 30, 2016Debate Competition on “Education System of India”Gyan Dhara
August 1, 2016Debate on “Love Marriage Versus Arranged Marriage”Gyan Dhara
August 2, 2016Antakshri competitionSangeet Dhara
September 1, 2016Spell Bee competition. The winners were :
1) MitsuChavda
2) PurvaPandya
3) FatemaIsani and MinazBharucha
Sarjanatmak Dhara
Semester I & IIShowed the following movies based on the novels / dramas to the students of S.Y.B.A and T.Y.B.A and followed with discussion.
Animal Farm
Romeo and Juliet
As you Like it
Farewell to Arms
Father’s Help
Oedipus Rex
Antony and Cleopatra
September 9, 2016Debate on “One Child Policy”Gyan Dhara
October 17, 2016Session on “Career Counselling – Study Abroad”Gyan Dhara
December 16, 2016Listening ComprehensionGyan Dhara
January 5, 2017Extempore Competition. Topics were Surgical Strike, Demonetization, Patriotism, Nationalism, Role of Youth in the progess of nation, Fashion and others.
1. HethMistry
2. AnikaMakrani
3. MitsuChavda
Sarjanatmak Dhara
January 25, 2017Express YourselfSarjanatmak Dhara
February 8, 2017The Enigma of Silence – Poetry Recitation and Sketch Competition
1. HeenaShaikh
2. Kena Shah
3. Vidhi Patel
Sarjanatmak Dhara
Kala KaushalyaDhara
February 21, 2017Elocution on “Khadi for Nation, Khadi for Fashion”
1. MakraniAnika
2. Ayesha Banu
3. IsaniFatema
Sarjanatmak Dhara


July 12, 2017Psychology Laboratory Inauguration
July 23, 2017National Workshop on Counselling SkillsGyan Dhara
October 7, 2016PsychFest 2016Gyan Dhara, SevaSamudayDhara
October 8, 2016Awareness Program on Suicide PreventionGyan Dhara
January 3, 2017JeevanAastha Helpline – Awareness on Depression, Domestic Violence, Suicide.Gyan Dhara
Movie Reviews:
1. Shutter Island (On Schizophrenia)
2. A Beautiful Mind
3. One flew over the cuckoo’s nest
4. Pursuit of Happiness and others.
Gyan Dhara

Home Science Faculty



Date Activity Dhara
28 th July 16Lecture On Stress Management
Speaker : Jyoti Godre
Gyan Dhara
29 th July 16Orientation by Kaivalya Education FoundationGyan Dhara
1 st Aug2016Visit At K.E.F. Office
2 nd -8 th Aug 16Conduction of school assessment programme
12 th Aug 16Exhibition Cum Sale
The third year students organized an exhibition of handmade items on the occasion of Rakshabandhan for the college students
Rang Kala Kaushal Dhara
Sarjanatmak Abhivyakti Dhara
8 th Sept16Book Review
Organised for the third year students.
Judges : 1. Dr.Jaya Baravadiya
2. Mrs. Anuradha Shah
3. Dr. Saroj Prajapati
Gyan Dhara
12 th Sept 16Training on School Assessment Programme by Kaivalya Education FoundationGyan Dhara
22 nd Sept 16Lecture on Entrepreneurship as a career Speaker : Yashodhar Dixit Gyan Dhara
September 1, 2016Rangoli PresentationRang Kala Kaushal Dhara
June 11, 2016Pre-School Parent Orientation Programme Gyan Dhara
July 15, 2016Organized “Who Am I” Concept Programme for Pre-School Children. Planned and Implemented by T.Y. Trainees Kala KaushalyaDhara
1-08-2016 to 10-08-2016Involvement of T.Y Students (Gujarat Unit) with Kevaliya Education Foundation as part of National Assessment of Evaluation Pattern in Schools Gyan Dhara
August 11, 2016Educational Exposure of T.Y HD and P.G DECE Students to Quality Pre-Schools (Fountain Head School)Gyan Dhara
August 14, 2016SwachataAbhiyan Rally by Tiny-Tots of CD Lab SevaSamudayaDhara
Kala Kaushyla
August 24, 2016Janmashtami Celebration and Special Games and Sports for little angels and Dramatization by T.Y Trainees
20-08-2016 to 09-09-2016Visit to Quality Pre-School (Madressa School) by S.Y, TY HD and PG ECE Students Gyan Dhara
September 3, 2016Teachers Day Celebration Parents performed Teachers Duty in Nursery Gyan Dhara
September 6, 2016Parent Involvement Programme GanpatiPooja and Katha by Parents at CD lab Kala KaushlyaDhara
September 11, 2016Healthy Cooking Competition by mothers of pre-school children Kala KaushlyaDhara
October 2, 2016SwachataAbhiyan Rally by Tiny-Tots of CD Lab SevaSamudayaDhara
October 6, 2016“Garba” Celebration by Pre-School Unit Children Parents and Staff Kala KaushalyaDhara
October 11, 2016Dasherra Celebration NukaadNatak By PG ECE Students – Open for all College Staff and Students Theme- Victory of Goodness Over the Evil NatyaDhara
October 20, 2016Mental Health Camp for College Staff & Students on Occasion of World Health Day in Collaboration with “Sparsh”(A center for self-Enrichment )SevaSamudayaDhara
Gyan Dhara
20 th -21 st January 2017“BalMela” A Professional Event for Local Level Pre-and Primary Children, ECE Educators and Trainees SevaSamudayaDhara
Gyan Dhara
Kala kaushalyaDhara
March 18, 2017Parent Teacher Meeting of S.Y HD Parents Gyan Dhara
January 26, 2017Republic Day celebration at HD Lab Role Play by Children NatyaDhara
April 5, 2017Farewell to Sr. K.G Kids at HD Lab Motivational Games and Gifts for Tiny-Tots. Rang Kaushlya


7 th August 2016National Breast Feeding Week Celebration: T.Y. B.Sc. FSN students created awareness among their peers regarding myths and facts and correct practices of breast feeding and its importance, covering 16 colleges in Surat City.
Faculty Participation: Dr. Khushman Dholawala, Shri. V.D. Joshi, Dr. V. N.Solanki, Mrs. Meenakshi Tripathi, Ms. Roshni Vakilna, Dr. Shilpee Agrawal
Seva samuday
1-7 th September 2016Nutrition week Celebration
* Recipe Competition on Nutritious packed Lunch:
Mrs. Meena Raja
Dr. Shilpee Agrawal
The winners were ;
1) Shirgar Amreen
2) Ahuja Vrinda
3) Patel Twinkle
Kala kaushalya
2-3 rd September, 2016P.G. Dietetics and T.Y. B.Sc. FSN students attended National Conference on Food and Nutrition Priorities – From evidence to Action organised by MSU, Vadodara. Faculty participation: Ms. Roshni Vakilna, Dr. Shilpee AgrawalGyan
21 st September 2016A seminar was organized on Critical Care Nutrition by Sheth P.T. Mahila College and Surat Nutrition Club, IDA Gujarat Chapter in collaboration with Fresenius Kabi at Lords Plaza. P.G. Dietetics and T.Y. B.Sc. FSN students participated.
Eminent speaker was Dt. Shiv Kumar from Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai
Faculty participation: Dr. Khushman Dholawala, Ms. Roshni Vakilna, Dr. Shilpee Agrawal
14 th November, 2016International Diabetes Day Celebration
Poster making Competition was organized by Sheth P.T. Mahila College and Surat Nutrition Club, IDA Gujarat Chapter in collaboration with Advance Diabetes Association, Surat.
Poster Making Competition
Dt. Amita Tambekar
The winners :
1) Aishwarya Somani (P.G dietetics)
2) Ramlah Suratwala
3) Fatema Ranijiwala
Recipe Competition :
Dr. Khushman Dholawala
Dt. Amita Tambekar
Ms. Roshni Vakilna
The winners were ;
1. Kanan Jadav (P.G dietetics)
2.Riddhi Jain
3.Shivani Jariwala
Faculty Participation: Dr. Khushman Dholawala, Shri. V.D. Joshi, Dr. V. N.Solanki, Ms. Roshni Vakilna, Dr. Shilpee Agrawal
8-9 th January, 2017P.G. Dietetics and T.Y. B.Sc. FSN students attended National seminar on Lifestyle Nutrition, Rajkot. Faculty participation: Dr. Khushman Dholawala, Ms. Roshni Vakilna, Dr. Shilpee AgrawalGyan
22 nd January 2017Nukkad Natak (Street play ) on “Anaemia Awareness Under 12+ 12+ Programme” & “Prevention of Substance abuse” by P.G. Dietetics and T.Y. B.Sc. FSN students Faculty Participation: Ms. Roshni Vakilna, Dr. Shilpee AgrawalSeva samuday, Natya


July 12, 2016Lab Inauguration Inauguration of Apparel Design Laboratory was done by Mr. U.K.Gangopadhyay , Executive Director of The Synthetic and Art Silk Mills Research Association (SASMIRA).
27 & 28 July 2016Fevicryl Workshop Students learnt basics of fabric painting, 3- D painting and embossed painting.Rang Kala KaushalyaDhara
6 to 10 September 2016Academic trip to Jaipur Faculty members and students of the department visited Jaipur, Sanger and Bagru. Students gained knowledge about Block printing, Screen printing, Natural dyeing process, Daboo print, Quilt making, Carpet weaving, working of an export house and Blue pottery unit along with sightseeing such as JantarMantar, Amer fort, City Place, JalMahal and local market. Gyan Dhara
December 22, 2016Visit to STERS Students gained knowledge about simple handloom, airjet loom, waterjet loom , dobby loom, jacquard loom, rapier loom and machine embroidery work.Gyan Dhara
3 & 4 January 2017Fevicryl Workshop Students learnt tie and dye technique without the use of water, coffee painting and embossed painting.Rang Kala KaushalyaDhara
9 & 10 January 2017Fashion Illustration workshop Students learnt Basics of Fashion illustration.Rang Kala KaushalyaDhara
February 28, 2017Fashion Rendering workshop Students learnt Basics of Fashion Rendering.Rang Kala KaushalyaDhara


1 st April 2016Mocktails Workshop - The main purpose of the workshop was to provide guidance on how to make Mocktails of different flavours with the help of spices, fruits and drinks etc. The Mentor of the day was Miss Khushbu JainKala Kaushalya Dhara
8 th August – 12 th August 2016Educational Trip to Goa - An educational trip to Goa for S.Y. and T.Y students was organised with the main aim of visiting different hospitality properties and their departments. The students visited Casa D Goa a boutique hotel and TajVivanta. Some Recreational activities were also organized for the students.Gyan Dhara
14 th August 2016Grooming & Soft Skills Workshop - The topics covered were ‘How to make presentation effective’, ‘Internal and external grooming’, ‘Body languages’ etc. The guest faculty was Miss UshmaKapadia and Miss Trishna Shah.Gyan Dhara
17 th August 2016First Aid Lecture - The topics covered were basic treatments given to the casualty, different types of bandages and safety tips were discussed with students. The students visited VanitaVishram Nursing College Surat for Lecture cum demonstration.Gyan Dhara
9 th September 2016Visit to Travel & Tourism Fair – Students visited this fair at Indoor Stadium, Surat. The main purpose of the visit were the knowledge of Tourism, Packages of different cities for travelling and Scope of Tourism etc.Gyan Dhara
30 th December 2016Winter Carnival - Christmas and New year Carnival was held in which college students had put up food & beverages stalls and games stalls And DJ party was also conducted.SarjanatmakAbhivyaktiDhara
3 rd – 4 th January 2017Fevicryl workshop - The Students were taught Different types of tie and dye techniques, embossed effect technique as well as coffee painting.Kala KaushalDhara
9 th & 10 th January 2017Fashion Illustration - Fashion illustration workshop was organized in which students participated and learned how to make croquette and fabric rendering.Kala KaushalDhara
20 th – 23 rd January 2017National budding Chef competition - Students participated in Mocktails and open live cooking competition which was held at Auro University, Surat.Kala KaushalDhara
24 th January 2017Seminar on Demonetization of Indian currency - State level one day Seminar was held at Navyug commerce college and our F.Y. students attended the workshop.Gyan Dhara
15 th February 2017Miss Chef 2017 – Like past 2 years, this year also Cooking competition was organised by our department students in which 50 students of our college and 4 students of Women’s Commerce College VanitaVishram participated. Chef ShashikantRathod& Chef Khushbu Jain Judged the competition.Kala Kaushalya Dhara
18 th February 2017First Anniversary Celebration of Nathkhat Nest Day Care Centre– First year completion Party of Nathkhat Nest Day Care Centre, VanitaVishram was organised by the students in which they learnt various elements of event management and theme & party decorations.Kala KaushalDhara
27 th February 2017Peer group training – Like every year the students of T.Y. conducted a training session of the practical knowledge & techniques which they learnt during their Internship Period for S.Y. students.
Topics Like Travel desk management, Front office management, FNB service & Housekeeping were covered in it.
Gyan Dhara

The Cultural Committee Report

7 th July 2016MangalPravachan Motivational talk by Dr. ShashikantBhai Shah for the F.Y.B.A. and F.Y.B.Sc. studentsGyan Dhara
8 th July 2016Orientation
First year students were oriented about the college extracurricular and co-curricular activities and various events held at college by the in-charge faculty.
Motivational Talk
Gyan Dhara
9 th July 2016Smt. AlkaShankhla, a renowned motivational speaker and yoga practitioner addressed the first year students about how to face challenges in life and make the future fruitful.Gyan Dhara
16 th July 2016College ka CJ by Radio City RJ Veer from Radio City, visited the college to discover a new college jockey who would report about all the college activities on radio. RishikaBhatnagar and Dimple Makhijani of FYBA were the winners for the event.GeetSangeetDhara
26 th July 2016College U-Turn Like every year a talent hunt was organized for the First Year Students in different areas like dance, music, general knowledge, elocution etc.Saptadhara
15 th August 2016Independence Day Celebration The college celebrated the 70 th Independence Day with great joy and patriotism. The spirit was evoked by various dance and patriotic songs.GeetSangeetDhara
3 rd September 2016Fresher’s Day
The First Year Students were welcomed with open arms by the college. Everybody danced to the reverberating beats of music and Miss Fresher Contest was also held. The names of the winners :
Ms. Shikha Mehta
Ms. RishikaBhatnagar
Ms. Dimple Makhijani
23 rd to 25 th December 2016YuvakMahotsav (V.N.S.G.U.)
Students participated in various competitions like Classical Dance, Light Vocal, Handicraft, Group Dance, Group Song, Poetry Recitation, and Short Story Writing.
RiddhiPankhdiwala of F.Y.B.A. English won the 1st prize in Classical Dance.
Kala KaushalDhara
2 nd February 2017Annual Program Like every year the annual program was held in BajiGauri Open Air Theater in which an array of cultural programs brightened up the evening. The college annual report was presented by the I/C Principal in the presence of the Management, Principals of the sister concern institutes, College Faculty, Parents and Students.GeetSangeetDhara NrityaDhara
18 th February 2017Intercollegiate Competition
BizXcellence was organized by Maliba College, Bardoli. The students participated in Treasure Hunt and Classical Dance.
MahimaBhawalkar (S.Y.B.Sc.) won the 2 nd Prize in Solo Dance Competition (Kathak)
9 th to 14 th January 2017Day Celebration Week long day celebration was held by the college for the students in which they acknowledged days like group day, saree day, black and white day, princess day etc.SarjanatmakAbhivyaktiDhara
8 th March 2017Farewell Third year and PG Diploma students were given a farewell by the students and faculty. Various performances and feedback by the passing out students brought back amazing memories of the year gone by.GeetSangeetDhara


Arts Faculty


7 th Jul. ‘17Celebration of GurupurnimaSarjanatmak Abhivyakti Dhara
9 th Aug.’17Elocution CompetitionSarjanatmak Abhivyakti Dhara
24 th Aug. ‘17Celebration of 184 th Narmad JayantiSarjanatmak Abhivyakti Dhara
4 th Aug. ’17 to 11 th Aug. ‘17Unit wise QuestionnaireSarjanatmak Abhivyakti Dhara
23 rd Mar. ‘18Session on Indian Culture in Gujarati Literature.Gyan Dhara


3 rd week of JulyMovie Screening of the film ‘Malapati Munj’ for the TYBA students.Gyan Dhara
7 th Jul. ‘17Celebration of GurupurnimaGyan Dhara
9 th Aug. ‘17Debate CompetitionGyan Dhara
24 th Aug. ‘17Celebration of 184 th Narmad JayantiGyan Dhara
6 th Sept. ‘17Kaavya-Pathan Competition.Kala Kaushalya Dhara
7 th Sept. ‘17Sahitik ParichayGyan Dhara
8 th Sept. ‘17Book ReviewGyan Dhara
3 rd Oct. ‘17Visit to Old-Age HomeSamuday Seva Dhara
4 th Aug. ‘17 to 11 th Nov. ‘17Unit wise QuestionnaireSarjanatmak Abhivyakti Dhara
23 rd Mar. ‘18Session on Indian Culture in Gujarati Literature.Gyan Dhara


5 th Oct. ‘17Organized a Seminar on “Communication through Experiential Learning”Sarjanatmak Abhivyakti Dhara
6 th Oct. ‘17Organized an Event “Meet the Author- Savi Sharma”Gyan Dhara
18 th Jan. ‘18 to 20 th Jan. ‘18Organized a three days Workshop on “Basic Acting and Script Writing’ Natya Dhara
7 th Feb. ‘18One day Workshop on “Conflict Management” Gyan Dhara
Screened a movie titled – ‘Wide Sargasso Sea’Gyan Dhara
Screened a movie titled – ‘The Birthday Party’Gyan Dhara
Screened a movie titled – ‘Guide’Gyan Dhara
Screened a movie titled – ‘Emma’Gyan Dhara
4 th Jul. ‘17Lecture on Sexual Harassment for SYBA and TYBA.Gyan Dhara
11 th Aug. ‘17Debate on: ‘Should there be Dress Code in the College?’FYBA.Sarjanatmak Abhivyakti Dhara
12 th Aug. ‘17Movie Review on – Karsandas, Pay and Use, Sultan, Akira, Mary Kom, Fault In Our Stars, Diversion, Three Idiots, Bajrangi Bhaijaan,Thai JusheSarjanatmak Abhivyakti Dhara


22 nd Jul. ‘17Movie Screening on Psychopathology named ‘Split’.Gyan Dhara
Aug. ‘17Internship Programme (1 month)Gyan Dhara
10 th Sept. ‘17Suicide Prevention Programme at M.T.B. College, Surat.Gyan Dhara
10 th Oct. ‘17Screened a Movie ‘Inside Out’ as a part of ‘Mental Health Day Celebration’.Gyan Dhara
9 th Nov. ‘17Field Visit to ‘Shree Nandan School’, Chandani Chowk, Surat.Gyan Dhara
16 th Dec. ‘17Organized a Full day Training Program on “Motivational Interviewing (MI) and Partners for Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS)” in collaboration with Human Development Department.Gyan Dhara
21 st Dec. ‘17Of Secret Santa(s), Stockings, Sentiments and Shenanigans- Guest Lecture by Shri Rojo Shalom George on “My Experience at NIMHANS: Career Opportunities and Scope in Psychology”Sarjanatmak Abhivyakti Dhara/Gyan Dhara
28 th Dec. ‘17Movie Screening “Front of the Class” A movie based on Tourette’s Syndrome.Gyan Dhara
18 th Jan. ’18 to 20 th Jan. ‘18Three days’ Workshop on “Basic Acting and Script Writing” in collaboration with English Department.Natya Dhara
21 th Jan. ‘18Flash Mob regarding “Mental Health Awareness” at VR Mall, Surat.Samuday Seva Dhara/ Geet Sangeet Dhara
7 th Feb. ‘18One day Workshop on “Conflict Management” in collaboration with English Department.Gyan Dhara


30 th Jun. ‘17Showcasing talent of Amature designerRang Kala Kaushal dhara
6 th Jul. ‘17Parents teacher meetingGyan dhara
11 th and 12 th Jul. ‘17Know your books Gyan dhara
2 nd Aug.‘17.Educational visit to Agricultural University, NavsariGyan dhara
27 th Sept.‘17Demonstration on napkin foldingSarjanatmak Abhivyakti dhara
3 rd Oct.‘17Demonstration on table setting and salad carvingSarjanatmak Abhivyakti dhara
6 th Oct.‘17Rangoli decoration and flower arrangementRang Kala Kaushal dhara
16 nd and 17 th Jan. ‘18Two days workshop on “Revival of Madhubani art” Rang Kala Kaushal dhara, Sarjanatmak Abhivyakti dhara
31 st Jan. ‘18
18 th Jan. ‘18
19 th Jan.‘18
Peer group training- (Quilling)
Peer group training- (Bubble Painting)
Peer group training- (Thread stitching on paper)
Gyan dhara, Sarjanatmak Abhivyakti dhara
8 th Feb.‘18.Orientation programme- BALA Project Gyandhara, Sarjanatmak Abhivyakti dhara, Seva Samudayik Dhara
11 th and 13 th Feb.‘18BALA Project workshop- Building as a learning aid- organized by Kaivalya Education Foundation Trust
20 th and 21 st Feb.‘18Art and Craft workshopRang Kala Kaushal dhara, Sarjanatmak Abhivyakti dhara
5 th -20 th Mar. ‘18Front Office Training conducted by Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited for S.Y.B.Sc. General Home ScienceGyan dhara
14 th and 15 th Mar.‘18World Consumer Day Celebration- Exhibition Cum Sale “Innovision 2018”Rang Kala Kaushal dhara, Sarjanatmak Abhivyakti dhara


16 th Jun. ‘17Pre-School Parent Orientation Programme.GyanDhara
24 th Jun. ‘17International Yoga Day Celebration at CD Lab.Khel-Kud Dhara
1 st Jul. ‘17Workshop on Teaching Methodology for TY & SY HD Students by Departmental Staff. Gyan Dhara
4 th Jul. ‘17Health Check-up for Children, Mothers and Grand Mothers of HD Pre-School.SevaSamudayaDhara
4 th Aug. ‘17Rakshabandan Celebration by Children at HD Preschool Unit.Kala KaushlyaDhara
7 th Aug. ‘17Healthy Recipe Cooking Competition for Mothers of Pre-School Children as part of Nutritional Awareness. Kala KaushlyaDhara
11 th Aug. ‘17Janmashtami Celebration and Special Games and Sports for Little Angels and Dramatization by TY BSc Trainees.Kala Kaushyla
20 th AugStory Telling event for Vanita Vishram School Children by TY BSc HD Students at a Shivgauri Hall, Vanita Vishram. Gyan Dhara
Natya Dhara
25 th -30 th Aug. ‘17Ganpati Celebration at Child Development lab.Kala KaushlyaDhara
4 th Sept. ‘17Teacher’s day Celebration in Nursery through Parental Involvement- Parents Conducted Activities for Children in Preschool Unit.Gyan Dhara
9 th Sept. ‘17Performance by Tiny –Tots of CD Lab in Fresher’s Day. To enhance their qualities encouraged the most confident and timid child for participation. Kala Kaushlya Dhara
29 th Sept. ‘17“Garba” Celebration by Pre-School Unit Children and Staff.Kala KaushalyaDhara
03 rd & 04 th Oct. ‘17Swachata Abhiyan Rally by Tiny-Tots of CD Lab –Gandhi Jayati.Seva Samudaya Dhara
16 th Dec. ‘17Organized a one day Workshop on “Becoming an Effective Counsellor” in collaboration with Psylens Center, Surat. Dr. Keyoor Joshi, Professor of Psychology from West Texas A& M University, United States was the facilitator. Gyan Dhara
5 th -6 th Jan. ‘18“Bal Mela”- A Professional Event for Local Level Pre-and Primary Children, ECE Educators and Trainees SevaSamudayaDhara
Kala kaushalyaDhara
1 st to 28 th Feb. ‘18Educational Exposure of TY BSc HD and Students- Visit to Mahadev Trust (for Disabled Children).Gyan Dhara
20 th &21 st Feb. ‘18 Organised a Two Days National Conference on “Family Empowerment- A Path Towards Better Life” in Collaboration with Library. Six special Lectures were delivered by eminent speakers from the various States of India and participants across the country presented their research papers in respective sessions. Gyan Dhara
21 st Feb. ‘18Conducted a one day Workshop on Story Telling for TY & SY BScHD Students. Facilitator was Dr. Eric Miller (Director, World Story Telling Institute, Chennai).Gyan Dhara


1 st -7 th Aug.‘17Breast Feeding Week CelebrationGyan Dhara
Aug. ‘17Anthropometry Measurement for P.D Vidhya Kunj SchoolSeva Samudaya Dhara
1 st -7 th Sept. ‘17Nutrition Week CelebrationGyan Dhara
6 th to 8 th Sept. ‘17Organized 3 days Workshop on Bakery in collaboration with AIBTM, New Delhi.Kala Kaushal Dhara
Oct. ‘17Visit to Civil Hospital by TYBSc FSN students for Nutrition Surveillance.Seva Samudaya Dhara
10 th Jan. ‘17Inter Collegiate Nutritious Recipe Making Competition at SPTM College and Free Diet Counselling Camps for Health & Nutrition Awareness at Joggers Park and SVNIT, Surat were organized as a part of National Dietetics Day.Kala Kaushal Dhara/ Seva Samuday Dhara
11 th Jan. ‘17CNE on “Comprehensive Diabetes Care” for all the Professional Dietitians was organized and sponsored by Sun Pharma.Gyan Dhara


17 th Aug. ‘17Conducted a one day workshop on ‘Creative Portfolio Making’ by Mr. Jayesh Wadia ( H.O.D in Fashion & Interior Designing, INIFD)Gyan Dhara
29 th Aug. ‘17Organized a one day Workshop on Creative Dyeing Techniques by SASMIRA, Mumbai.Gyan Dhara
30 th Aug. ‘17Organized one day Seminar on Trend Forecasting by SASMIRA, Mumbai.Gyan Dhara
9 th Jan.‘18Conducted a one day Workshop on Creative Portfolio Making by Mr. Jayesh Wadia ( H.O.D in Fashion & Interior Designing, INIFD).Gyan Dhara
12 th Feb. ‘18Peer Group Training was conducted by Third Year Students on Sewing Machine.Gyan Dhara
23 rd Apr. ‘18 Organized a one day Workshop on Fashion Styling by our alumnae Shweta Bawa (Fashion Stylist with Star Plus) Gyan Dhara


27 th Jun.‘17Demonstration on ‘Cakes and Brownies’ by Chef Khushbu Jain.Kala Kaushalya Dhara
21 st Jul. 17Demonstration on ‘Chocolate Making’ by Chef DimpleKala Kaushalya Dhara
8 th Aug. 17Workshop on ‘Basic Cutting and Chopping of Vegetables and Fruits’ by Chef Hanoz Messman.Kala Kaushalya Dhara
23 rd -24 th Aug. 17Inter-School Competition ‘Tri-Express Events’ including Cooking Competition(Foodie Fix), Quiz Competition (Quizzicals) and Treasure Hunt (Explore).Kala Kaushalya Dhara/ Gyan Dhara
26 th -29 th Dec. 18Christmas Celebration- ‘We Care- The Joy of Giving’ Collection and Donation of Useful Items to the Needy.Seva Samuday Dhara
20 th -22 nd Jan. ‘18Participation at the National Budding Chef Competition held at Auro University, Surat.Kala Kaushalya Dhara
5 th to 20 th Mar.‘18Front Office Training conducted by Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited.Gyan Dhara
20 th to21 st Mar. ‘18Workshop on ‘Bakery and Confectionary’ by Ms. Amita JoshiGyan Dhara/Kala Kaushalya Dhara


11 th Feb. ‘18Students participated in Inter Collegiate Competitions under Micro-Bio-Technika: 2K18 and UGAM at Department of Biotechnology, Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat.Gyan Dhara
14 th Feb. ‘18Students participated in Inter-College Power Point Presentation competition in Physics organized by Department of Physics, Sir. P. T. Sarvajanik College of Science, SuratGyan Dhara