Academic Staff

Faculty of Arts

Department of English

Dr. Smita Bhatt

I/c Principal


Head of the department -English

(M.A., Ph.D.)



Dr. Shivangi Oza

Assistant Professor

(M.A., Ph.D.)

Department of Gujarati

Dr. Vishwanath Patel

Head of the department -Gujarati

(M.A., Ph.D.)



Department of Hindi

Dr. Arvind Vasava

Head of the department -  Hindi

(M.A., B.Ed., Ph. D.)


Mr. Bhanabhai B. Patel

Assistant Professor

(M. A., M. Phil.)


Department of History

Dr. Bharti Kapdiya

Assistant Professor

(M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D.)


Faculty of Home Science

Department of Food Science and Nutrition

Dr. Vitthal Solanki

Head of the department –  FSN

(M.Sc., Ph.D.)


Mrs. Minakshi Tripathi

Associate Professor

(M.Sc., GSET)



Mrs. Meena Raja

Associate Professor



Mrs. Alpa Odedra

Assistant Professor

     (M.Sc., NET, Pursuing P.hD.)


Dr Vimal Jayswal

Assistant Professor & Care Taker- N.C.C.

(M.Sc., GSET, NET, P.hD.)


Administrative Staff